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We are a team of Aikido teachers who come together to work towards a common goal.

Individuals from diverse backgrounds offer different talents, skills and experiences. Several amongst us dabbled in more than one martial art. The majority of our teachers are degree holders. Two went further in their academic pursuit and attained masters.

Our people have diverse hobbies and interest. Many of our teachers are picking up Japanese language. One of them who teaches Aikido to Japanese students holds a JLPT N1, highest level for non-native Japanese speakers.

More than 80% of our teaching staff are full time professional Aikido teachers. This is unlike most other Aikido schools where majority of their instructors are volunteers who hold another regular job.  Our teachers have lots of passion for Aikido. Many made regular visits to overseas Aikido schools to train with Aikido masters and learn from them.

We have an excellent operation team that readily supports the teaching staff so that optimal efficiency is achieved. The use of online attendance helps us keep track of our latest class status.  Administrative processes and policies are often reviewed regularly too.

At aikiForest, our vision is to be the educational powerhouse in contemporary Aikido. We are confident that with the team we have gathered, the teachers and the students will work together to explore limits and boundaries, where we can collectively achieve our bold goal.

aikiForest is affiliated to Aikido Shinju-Kai, officially recognised by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan.