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Why should children’s do multiple sports?

Trains up different areas of the body, making the child a more versatile athlete, reduces the stress to excel in one sport and repetitive strain injuries.

How to use multiple sports to improve my lifestyle?

With 3-Way Development aikiSports Enrichment Programme:
Example Sports movement and Martial art skill can use in your daily Lifestyle action to improve body movement and reduce injuries

Related to 12 different types of Sports and 1 Martial Art

Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Fencing, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Running, Table tennis, Fishing and AIKIDO
Not in order of sequence

Plus 5 Social Emotional Character Building

• Connect with peers and teachers through activities (interaction)
• Understand & enhance ability to follow rules & etiquette (basic discipline)
• Cultivate essential values: caring, concentration, co-operation, confidence
• Learn to partner safely by working together
• Grow into a leader: leading warm-ups; leading teams; helping peers

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