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What is aikiSports?

3-Ways development interlink of basic Lifestyle Actions, different types of key Sports Movements and Martial Art Skills to improving children’s motor skills and exploring new concepts for training.

Why should children’s do multiple sports?

Trains up different areas of the body, making the child a more versatile athlete, reduces the stress to excel in one sport and repetitive strain injuries.

How to use multiple sports to improve my lifestyle?

With 3-Way Development aikiSports Enrichment Programme:
Example Sports movement and Martial art skill can use in your daily Lifestyle action to improve body movement and reduce injuries

Related to 12 different types of Sports and 1 Martial Art

Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Fencing, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Running, Table tennis, Fishing and AIKIDO
Not in order of sequence

Plus 5 Social Emotional Character Building

• Connect with peers and teachers through activities (interaction)
• Understand & enhance ability to follow rules & etiquette (basic discipline)
• Cultivate essential values: caring, concentration, co-operation, confidence
• Learn to partner safely by working together
• Grow into a leader: leading warm-ups; leading teams; helping peers

Group 5-8 years old
Group 9-13 years old

To find out more please contact our Programme DirGector at [email protected]